Oskar Lindgren

Fullstack Web/Mobile Developer

About Me

I am full stack developer with 10 years of professional developer experience of projects in web, mobile and desktop applications. I have worked in large business critical projects within media, retail, car rental and affiliate marketing.

I am a geek by nature and have always fiddled with computers and the web. My passion is to improve people's lives through technology. On my spare time when I am not hanging out with friends or my wife, I am coding on my latest hobby project.


Frontend y/xp Comment
Javascript / HTML / CSS 15 years I wrote my first website in high school around 2004. Since then I have been interested in web development. Javascript is my main language of choice and nowadays there is nothing you can't do with it.
Typescript 3 years As a long time Javascript dev I was skeptical about Typescript. But, now I see it as a must for any serious app. With types, finally Javascript can be used to create any type of app, not only small web frontends.
React 8 years I have used React since back in 2014. It's the standard for creating web based experiences for a good reason.
React Native 3 years I have used React Native to create 3 apps (both iOS and Android) for companies and I used it for hobby projects.
Vue 5 years I was an early adopter of Vue and was a Patreon of Evan You in the early days. I like the simplicity it brings, the opinionated framework, but yet highly customizable. It's a very well thought through framework compared to React.
Objective-C / Swift 3 years Even if I mostly write apps using TypeScript I also write some code in "native" code. Usually writing some modules using native frameworks and expose it to the Javascript part.
Java / Kotlin / Gradle 5 years I have been writing Android apps since University. But, more recently when writing apps using React Native. Even if I mostly write apps using TypeScript I also write some code in "native" code. Usually writing some modules using native frameworks and expose it to the Javascript part.
Angular 5 years I have been working with both Angular 1 and 2. Mostly when working for bigger companies. It's not my favorite frontend framework since it's trying to use backend paradigms in frontend environment which doesn't play well, imho.
Backend Experience Comment
Node.js 8 years I have used Node.js since around 2014. It is such a freedom to be able to write JS/TS on the server.
Go 1.5 years I used Go at Sixt to create middleware APIs in the Go micro service architecture they had. The language is very pleasant to write and performant, that gives you a lot of control.
Deno & Deno Deploy 1 year This is a super exciting framework and platform. I use it for all my hobby projects now and hopefully soon professionally. I hope it's going to take over Node.js in a near future.
C# / .NET 5 years I have used C# when working for a German optician and ASP.NET for a Swedish affiliate marketing company. It's also one of the first languages I started coding in.
Java 3 years Most of my Java experience comes from Android, but I have been working for companies that were using Java for the backend. To be honest it's not my favorite language, but it works.
Bash / Shell 5 years Writing simple scripts and keeping your .zshrc full of handy aliases is something that helps everyday dev work.
PHP 1 year Some of the clients I had were using PHP. And I have also helped friends with their Wordpress sites. In university I created a text adventure game using PHP.
MySQL / MS SQL 8 years SELCT all FROM YourBase WHERE are = 'belongs to us';
Ops Experience Comment
AWS 5 years Most of the companies I have worked for are deploying to AWS. I know my way around ECS to deploy docker containers (Tasks) and to setup simple resources. But, I would not consider myself an expert for the more advanced AWS resources like networks.
Docker 5 years I use Docker on almost a daily basis. When deploying any service or frontend it's always bundled in an image. It's a great tool to have your service separated from the underlying host OS and to avoid installing a lot of dependencies locally or in the host machine.
Digital Ocean 2 years I use Digital Ocean for my personal projects and services. I self host Nextcloud, run a MySQL DB and some smaller projects on a VPC. I manage 2 domains, where one is used for email. I used to host an email server, but I switched to Tutanota to ease my mind.


Tech Lead & Fullstack Developer

Oyo Japan (Tokoy, Japan)

2021-08 - present

Oyo Japan is a hotel services company that serves both Hotel guests as well as owners. I am working on our direct channel: https://oyojapan.jp were customers can search for hotels and book a stay.
My main responsibility is fullstack web development. Apart from that I am the manager of a team of 2 devs. I am also planning features and aligning with other parts of the company like marketing and operations.

Tech used: React (Next.js), React Native, Node.js (Fastify), Docker, AWS (Fargate), Github Actions, Selenium, Strapi CMS

Tech Lead & React Native Developer

Asurion (Tokyo, Japan)

2020-10 - 2021-10

Asurion is an american insurance company specialized in mobile phone insurance. I was working on several projects to introduce new consumer services. My responsibilities were mobile app and web development. I worked closely with BAs, managers, designers and other developers. The main technology I used was React Native to create an iOS and Android app.

Tech used: React Native, Objective-C (iOS), Java & Kotlin (Android), React, Node.js, Graphql, Docker, AWS, Appium, Jenkins

Tech Lead & React Native Developer

Rakuten (Tokyo, Japan)

2018-12 - 2020-10

I worked in a Mobile Apps Team as the Tech Lead of a team of 9 developers in Japan and India. We were working on the Rakuten Kobo Mobile Application for iOS and Android using React Native. We were using the latest web and mobile technologies in cooperation with teams across the globe.

Tech used: React Native, Objective-C (iOS), Java & Kotlin (Android), Docker, Jenkins, Appium

Full Stack React Web/Mobile Developer

Fusion Systems (Tokyo, Japan)

2018-03 - 2018-12

I worked in a team building a SaaS restaurant management solutions. My role was a fullstack developer and my focus was building frontend web applications using React. I was also building mobile apps with React Native. The backend was build with Java, Nodejs and Python running on AWS with Docker. The work was organized in an agile fashion with Scrum as the main methodology. The role also included working on infrastructure managing EC2 instances and ECS docker containers.

Tech used: React, React Native, Objective-C (iOS), Java & Kotlin (Android), Java, Docker, AWS, Appium, Selenium, Pythong (Django)

Senior Consultant & Full Stack Developer

Netlight (Germany)

2015-11 - 2018-03

As a Netlight consultant, I was supporting clients on site with delivering software solutions by providing my technical and management expertise. The role was also to collaborate with sales to land new assignments and to mentor new recruits and support hr when hiring new talent.

Prosieben, Munich, Germany

Prosieben is one of Europes largest media company. They have several streaming platforms and I was working for one of them. I was hired because their media ingestion were using an inefficient third party monolith application. I was part of a team that was rewriting the monolith into microservices while trying to learn German. In the end we could speed up both the media ingestion and the metadata processing.

Tech used: Node.js, Vue, PHP, Docker

Sixt, Munich, Germany

Sixt is one of the world's biggest car rental company. I joined their frontend team to improve the team performance by introducing agile methology and to transform their old PHP stack into a modern React/Go stack. During my time at Sixt we created a new frontend from scratch and imporved communicating with other teams such as marketing and adwords teams.

Tech used: React, Go, PHP, Docker, AWS

Fielmann, Hamburg, Germany

Fielmann is Germanys biggest optician. They were expanding their business in Switzerland and I joined to boost their productivity. I managed a team with 2 junior developers to improve the database migration. I was also working with the team that were adapting the whole application for use in Switzerland. We were using Agile methologies by the book which was the first time I have experienced an organization fully invested in Agile, and it was working really well!

Tech used: C#, Angular, MS SQL, Selenium, Docker

Full Stack .NET Developer

Mecenat (Gothenburg, Sweden)

2014-06 - 2015-06

Mecenat is an affiliate marketing company specialized in university students. It's the inoffcial student identification in Sweden that gives you discounts in almost all shops in Sweden. I was working in the platform team that were managing the whole IT operation for the company. I took care of end to end, from frontend to network.

Tech used: ASP.NET (C#), MS SQL, Javascript

Mobile Web Developer

Flex Applications (Orebro, Sweden)

2012-04 - 2013-10

Flex is building HR Solutions. I joined to replace the iOS app with a mobile web app for both iOS and Android. I successfully created the web app which replaced the need for a native app which better served the business.

Tech used: Javascript, jQuery Mobile, Objective-C, ASP.NET (C#)

Previous Careers

I was working as an accountant for Renault where I did book keeping, accounts payable, yearly financial report, etc. It's a job where good structure and organization is key. It was during this job that I realized that I rather wanted be the one that is creating the systems and started studying as an engineer.

After High School and military service I started working for the casino in Stockholm, Sweden. I was always interested in gambling, but it was a costly hobby so I joined the casino instead. I learned a lot about customer service and to keep calm in stressful situations. The job combined quick thinking, good technique and customer care.